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3 days to Tax Season for Individual !

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3 days to Tax Season for Individual !

Tax Season 2014 for Individuals opens 1 July
Taxpayers are reminded to only start submitting tax returns for the 2014 tax season from 1 July 2014. The system won’t be able to accept it prior to this, read more

Not everyone needs to file an income tax return (ITR12). 1 July marks the beginning of Tax Season 2014. As from this date taxpayers can submit their Income Tax Return (ITR12) to the South African Revenue Service (SARS). Once again the annual income threshold for submitting a tax return is R250 000.

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Alert: 2 Armed robberies in 1 week in day light in Lenasia.

We ask residents to please be vigilant, and to implement Basic security measures to minimise the risks of falling victim to these crimes. PLEASE ensure entrance doors and security gates are kept locked at ALL times, even if u are just going to the pavement. In both incidents, the suspects gained entry through open doors, which were left open by the residents.

Joburg launches mobile app for road fault reporting

May 17, 2014 in Email

Joburg launches mobile app for road fault reporting

The JRA is responsible for the ​construction, operation, control, rehabilitation and maintenance of the roads and stormwater infrastructure in the City of Johannesburg. The main responsibilities include the construction and/or maintenance of bridges/culverts, traffic signals/traffic signal systems, footways, road signage and road markings.
The JRA “Find & Fix” app is freely available for download for the Windows 8 Phone from the Windows 8 Phone store and the Android version from the Google Play store. The iOS version will be available from the iTunes store from 24 May. More information on the app, along with download links, can be found on the Intervate website or by following the Twitter hashtag #FindnFix. The JRA encouraged residents to report all road and related infrastructure issues, including potholes, via the new app or 0860 562 874/ / Twitter @MyJra. Sources:     
iOS App Coming Soon iOS App – Coming Soon LenasiaSouth Team – Http://

Cyber Safety

February 6, 2014 in Email

Cyber Safety


  • Phishing sites and emails often ask for information that a Bank would never ask you for or will never request you to update, such as personal or banking information.
  • Never give your personal details to anyone without verifying their identity.You should view emails and pop-up windows asking for your personal information with the same amount of suspicion you would the person behind you in an ATM queue.
  • Treat emails that appear to be from a Bank asking for personal details with suspicion. Never reply to their email or get into a conversation with them.
  Useful links:

Examples of fraudulent documents

SAPS: Banking Crimes: Identity Theft

SAPS: Banking Crimes: Phishing

SAPS: About 419 and Lottery Scam letters

Report Spam | Report Phishing | Report SMS Scams

  • Never provide your personal details, for example, your PIN or account details, by email.
  • Do not follow any links in emails to reach Internet banking websites. Malicious software could redirect the link to a fake site.
  • Always enter your bank’s website address (i.e. in the address bar to connect to your Internet banking site.
  • Do not create shortcuts on your desktop to Internet Banking. Malicious software could redirect the shortcut to a fake site.
  • Never disclose private information when social networking.
  • Be wary about who you invite or accept invitations from when social networking..
  • Be careful about clicking on links in an email or social networking posts.
  • Make sure children are educated about the risks of going online.
  • Get to know and use parental control settings.

How to spot spam
Spam emails may feature some of the following warning signs:

  • You don’t know the sender.
  • Contains misspellings (for example ‘p0rn’ with a zero) designed to fool spam filters.
  • Makes an offer that seems too good to be true, such as Lotto, inheritance or SARS payouts.
  • The subject line and contents do not match.
  • Contains an urgent offer end date (for example “Buy now and get 50% off”).
  • Contains a request to forward an email to multiple people, and may offer money for doing so.
  • Contains a virus warning.
  • Contains attachments, which could include .exe files.

All 419 scams and letters can be reported to SAPS, Snr Supt Fani
Tel 012 393 1203 or e-mail
General e-mail

Source: | Other Team – Http://

be careful of hijackings using the stone-throwing modus operandi

January 30, 2014 in Newsletter

Johannesburg – Four people were killed in an accident on the Golden Highway’s N12 off-ramp, Johannesburg emergency services said.

The accident happened on Friday (17/01) afternoon as police were on the road, clearing rocks, spokesperson Synock Matobako said.

“The rocks had been thrown onto the freeway by criminals. They stand on top of the bridge, throwing rocks at passing cars. When you stop, they hijack your car,” said Matobako.

He said the driver of the Opel Astra hit a rock which was still on the road.

“He swerved and got onto oncoming traffic, hitting a Toyota Yaris.”

The driver of the Yaris, who was travelling alone, was instantly killed.
There had been four occupants in the Astra.

“Two of the occupants, including the driver died on the scene. A third person died in hospital while the fourth passenger was admitted to the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. He is in a critical condition.”

Matobako warned motorists to be careful of the Golden Highway area as police had claimed that several motorists had been victims of the hijackings using the stone-throwing modus operandi.
“It is a very dangerous area. It’s a hotspot. If you stop after getting hit by a rock, you will be hijacked,” he said.


Previous Incidents reported:

March 2013 – Reports of a rock on the on ramp to the N12 east at the K43
April 2013     Reports of rocks being thrown at vehicles from the N1 bridge over the N12 west at Misgund (that is, Death Bend). Please be very careful in the area.
August 2013 –  Rock Throwing incident at “DeathBend” Team.

New Page added to website:
Weather – Basic Weather Forecast, Video of Weather Forecast, Weather warnings etc Default Location Johannesburg you can change the setting to any location anywhere in the world.

Tyre Expiry and Tyre Safety

July 19, 2013 in Newsletter

Tyre Expiry and Tyre Safety

Vehicle tires have a 4-year validity period from their Date of Manufacture (DOM). Thereafter, the tire expires and may burst whilst in use. How to find out whether your tire has expired? Check for a

stamp like this: (*2603*) There is an asterisk at the beginning and at the end of this serial number.

The first two numbers 2 6 will tell which week of the year has it been manufactured.

NB: One year has 52 weeks. The last two numbers represent the year of make. Therefore, *2603*

tyre safety

shows that the said tire is manufactured in the 26th week of the year 2003. *2699* this shows that the tire is made in the 26th week of 1999.Check all your tires for safety purposes. Do not use expired tires. They are likely to burst (especially when running in hot weather) because the rubber component may have hardened and cracked.

Tire Safety

Studies of tire safety show that maintaining proper tire

pressure, observing tire and vehicle load limits,and inspecting

tires for cuts, slashes, and other irregularities are the most

important things you can do to avoid tire failure, such as

tread separation or blowout and flat tires. These actions,

along with other care and maintenance activities, can also:

–          Improve vehicle handling

–          Help protect you and others from avoidable breakdowns

–          and accidents

–          Improve fuel economy

–          Increase the life of your tires.

Download Full Document on Tyre Safety, Print and Share with others.


Ministry of Finance warns of fake facebook accounts

July 18, 2013 in Newsletter

Ministry of Finance warns of fake facebook accounts


The Ministry of Finance would like to warn the public about a number of Facebook accounts which purport to be those of the Minister of Finance. These fake accounts are the latest attempt to con the public, both in South African and abroad, of their hard-earned money.

Last year, the Ministry warned the public about bogus letters or emails which purported to be from his office and those of other senior public officials.

The Ministry condemns the use of the Minister’s name and photographs, and reiterates that such scams can only succeed to the extent that members of the public have an unquenchable thirst for easy wealth.

Please find below links to the official Facebook pages of the Minister of Finance and

National Treasury:!/NationalTreasurySouthAfrica?fref=ts



July 17, 2013 in Newsletter


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Electricity Saving Campaign, Safety inside your home

July 17, 2013 in Newsletter

Electricity Saving Campaign, Safety inside your home

Before considering ways and means of reducing your electricity account one should first consider the cost of operating the various types of domestic appliances.

The following table details the average cost of electricity consumed by the various electrical appliances used in the home. (kWh cost is based on 44.39 average)

Safety inside your home

  • Your installation must meet the required safety standards. If you do not have a certificate of compliance, engage a qualified electrical contractor to inspect and test your installation and give you a certificate.
  • Don’t overload plug points, particularly where multiple socket extensions are used. The total load on any socket (plug) should not exceed 16 amps (or 3 kW). How many plugs on one socket?
  • Disconnect electrical appliances from the plug point before working on the appliance.
  • Use electrical appliances only for the purpose for which they are intended, eg. don’t hang damp clothing over heaters to dry, don’t use stoves to heat rooms, etc.
  • Don’t touch electrical appliances while in the bath, eg. hairdryers.
  • Ensure that all appliances have a plug on the cord. Don’t stick bare wires into the socket outlet.
  • Don’t interfere with the electrical wiring installation.
  • Protect your installation with an earth leakage unit.
  • If the earth leakage or any circuit breaker trips, don’t bypass it. It has tripped because it has detected an unsafe or dangerous condition. If you cannot reset the earth leakage after it has tripped, unplug all appliances, double adaptors and extension cords (don’t just switch off). Reset the earth leakage. If it still trips, switch off all circuit breakers, reset the earth leakage and switch on the circuit breakers one at a time until the faulty circuit is identified. Call an electrical contractor to rectify the fault.
  • Ensure that the electricity contractor issues you with a certificate of compliance (COC).
  • Make sure all plugs are correctly wired, ie. when looking at the top of the opened plug, the green and yellow (earth) wire goes into the top pin (large pin), the brown (live) wire into the right pin (marked “L” or with a brown colour) and the blue (neutral) wire into the left pin (marked “N” or with a blue colour).


online services such as checking your water and electricity bill, checking your telephone bill etc

July 12, 2013 in Newsletter

Below is a list of some useful websites for online services such as checking your water and electricity bill, checking your telephone bill, check your cell phone contract bill and when is your next upgrade due and much more links to other online services.

Vodacom – Visit on the top right corner of the website click on drop down “sign in my account” then click on register and follow the on screen prompts. Once you registered and logged in you will be able to view your statements online, check when you due for an upgrade, how many free minutes you used and how many minutes you have left, send sms’s online and much more.

MTN – Visit on the top centre and click on “User login / Register” then click on “Register” and follow the on screen prompts.

Cell-C – Visit on the bottom left under useful links click on “My Account” and follow the on screen prompts.

8ta – Visit on the top right click on “Register” then follow the on screen prompts.

Telkom – Visit on the top right click on “My Telkom” Then click on “Register” on the bottom right. You will be able to view your account online, receive statements via email and more.

Water and Electricity and More – Visit on the top left click on “Register for e-Services” and follow the on screen prompts. Services includes: Account by email, building plan progress, valuation services and more.

For other products and services that you have you can enquire with that company if their offer online services and find out from them how to use their online services.

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