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February 26, 2016 in Email

Telkom Mobile

Are you using Telkom Mobile in Lenasia (Or any other area covered by Telkom Mobile) and experiencing poor service in terms of data connection, where your internet is working intermittently (Working/Stop Working regularly).

  1. Dial 180 from a Telkom Mobile Sim/Phone, and choose option 1 on the voice prompt if you calling from the number you require assistance.
  2. Choose option 8 on the voice prompt and log a fault.
  3. Remember to take down your reference number of the fault being logged.

(If you not calling from the number you require assistance with, than in step one Choose Option 2 and enter the number you require assistance with and follow on to Step 2 and Step 3).

(081 180 from a non-Telkom Mobile Sim/Phone to log a fault for your Telkom Mobile Data Sim)

The support Team might ask you to connect to MTN Network, Remember this will then be on roaming and your internet/data bundles will be depleted in no time. So mention there should solve the problem and not offer roaming services as there do cover most parts of Lenasia for data.

Alternatively visit the Telkom Mobile Site and Choose to Chat/Email/Find a Store to report your fault.

LenasiaSouth.Co.Za Team

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