Joburg launches mobile app for road fault reporting

May 17, 2014 in Email

Joburg launches mobile app for road fault reporting

The JRA is responsible for the ​construction, operation, control, rehabilitation and maintenance of the roads and stormwater infrastructure in the City of Johannesburg. The main responsibilities include the construction and/or maintenance of bridges/culverts, traffic signals/traffic signal systems, footways, road signage and road markings.
The JRA “Find & Fix” app is freely available for download for the Windows 8 Phone from the Windows 8 Phone store and the Android version from the Google Play store. The iOS version will be available from the iTunes store from 24 May. More information on the app, along with download links, can be found on the Intervate website or by following the Twitter hashtag #FindnFix. The JRA encouraged residents to report all road and related infrastructure issues, including potholes, via the new app or 0860 562 874/ / Twitter @MyJra. Sources:     
iOS App Coming Soon iOS App – Coming Soon LenasiaSouth Team – Http://

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