Process of logging a complaint, Pikitup Bin

July 12, 2013 in Newsletter

Process of logging a complaint, Pikitup Bin

Due to Pikitup’s efforts to ensure more efficient service delivery, Pikitup has improved the process of lodging complaints. The following outlines processes to be followed when logging a complaint:

• If a bin is lost, stolen or damaged and a new bin is required, simply lodge a complaint with the call centre for a replacement.

• A replacement fee for a stolen or damaged bin shall be in accordance with applicable tariff rates.

• Pikitup will replace any bins damaged while carrying out its normal duties or which becomes faulty through wear and tear, provided the bin has been used for a period of more than five years.

Should residents have any further queries, they can contact Joburg Connect on 0860 56 28 74 or (011) 375-5555 and select option 4 for Pikitup.

New Procedure to be followed when requesting Replacement of bins:

A: My bin has been lost/stolen or broken how do I go about Paying for a Replacement bin? — Customer to pay:

Step 1: Customer to Log a call or query with Call Centre

Step 2: Joburg Connect Call Centre to create a trouble ticket with Reference Number

Step 3: Customer to make a payment at the nearest walk-in centre

Step 4: Customer to email or fax proof of payment to Pikitup Customer Services

Step 5: Pikitup Customer Services to Print, scan and email proof of payment, customer’s state of account and trouble ticket to relevant depot

Step 6: Pikitup Depot to prepare documentation for delivery of bin

Step 7: Depot to contact customer to agree on delivery date

Step 8: Depot delivers bin to customer

The Bin Replacement levy is payable upfront prior to a replacement bin being issued to a customer. Payments should be made at the nearest walk-in centre and not through a commercial bank or electronic fund transfer (EFT) system. Proof of payment, which must also indicate the ratepayer’s account number, must be faxed to 086 677 6682 or (011) 712-5322.

B: My Bin was broken by Pikitup Truck or Workers – how can I get a replacement bin? How can a customer report a lost/stolen bin?

— No payment by customer:

Step 1: Log a call or query with Call Centre

Step 2: Call Centre Agent to create a trouble ticket with Reference Number

Step 3: Customer to obtain an affidavit from their nearest Police Station which must includes the Reference Number, Truck Registration details and Day and time of incident

Step 4: Customer to submit an affidavit to the relevant depot

Step 5: Depot to assess complaint and compile report

Step 6: Depot Regional Manager to make a decision to replace bin based on incident report

Step 7: Depot to prepare documentation for delivery of bin

Step 8: Depot to contact customer to agree on delivery date

Step 9: Depot delivers bin to customer free of charge

28 June 2013

Issued by: Pikitup, the City of Joburg’s Waste Management Entity

Editorial Contact:

Desiree Ntshingila

GM: Communications and Stakeholder Management

Tel: +27 11 712 5200

Mobile: +27 79 506 0568


Oscar Tshifure

Senior Account Manager

Tel: +27 11 709 6878

Mobile: +27 79 899 8050


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