Contractors Damaging Water and Sewer Infrastructure

July 10, 2013 in Newsletter

Contractors Damaging Water and Sewer Infrastructure

“Johannesburg Water is experiencing an increase in the number of infrastructure failures due to contractors from various companies damaging water and sewer infrastructure while they are executing their work. When contractors are busy with infrastructure work, like replacing fibre optic cables in the road reserve, there is a high chance that the other underground infrastructure like water or sewer lines will be damaged and thus cause interruptions of services to areas fed by the damaged pipeline.

This problem is contributing to the increased number of burst pipes being experienced across the city. Although all possible precaution is taken by Johannesburg Water to minimize the chances of damages, it still happens and it is not totally in our control.

We are encouraging residents to report interruptions through the City’s call centre number 011 375 – 5555 or send an e-mail to“> to minimize the impact when our infrastructure is damaged.

We will do our best to respond to reported damaged infrastructure within a reasonable time to limit the interruption of services to the residents”.



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